Our passion is to nurture and nourish, we have specially selected Australian-made certified organic skin care ranges to reinvigorate and leave your skin looking healthy and radiant.

We invite all our guests to enjoy a complimentary health-boosting herbal tea in our resting lounge at the conclusion of your treatment. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with an extra bounce in your step, ready to tackle the world once again.

Inspired by childhood memories and cultural traditions of an island upbringing the founder of Frangipani Hair and Beauty Spa believes the alignment of mind, body, and soul is essential for happiness and fulfilment.

Experience holistic and empowering treatments carried out in a Zen space as we nourish you with our Australian made organic products, mindfully selected for radiant beauty.

Our accredited therapists are highly trained and committed to delivering a bespoke experience to clear the mind and restore you to a place of balance, harmony, and peace.

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The Frangipani Hair Salon is more than just a place to have your hair styled. It’s a sanctuary where individual expression meets nurturing care. Our expert stylists are skilled in the art of transformation, offering cutting-edge haircuts, colouring, and styling to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Utilising premium Australian-made organic products, we provide a tailored experience that ensures the health and beauty of your hair. Whether it’s a complete transformation or a subtle refresh, you can trust our professionals to create a look that’s uniquely yours, all within the calming and holistic environment of our spa.

The Frangipani Beauty Spa is a haven for those seeking a respite from the daily hustle and bustle. It is here that you can truly unwind and reconnect with your inner self. We offer traditional techniques and innovative organic treatments, designed to rejuvenate both body and spirit.

Whether indulging in a facial, soothing massage, or one of our specially curated body therapies, guests are treated to an experience that is both healing and luxurious. By prioritising your well-being and using ethically sourced Australian-made products, we aim to restore balance and harmony, leaving you feeling revitalised and radiant.


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